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Focus on referrals.

It’s easy for others to refer when they click on the Refer Me button on your profile. Two steps and they’re done.

Quick Connect.

Your contact details are front and center so people can get ahold of you.

Your brand. Your story.

Build your personal brand and entice your prospects to learn more with a compelling headline.

Say it, then back it up.

Highlight your services, testimonials, referral team and who’s referred you in the past to put your best foot forward.

You’ve never been able to generate referrals like this before.

Industry-leading referral tools based on decades of expert research and best-practices.

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Success Steps Customized For You.

Follow specific action steps proven to generate referrals, build referral partnerships, get testimonials and promote your card to your network.

“The Referral Card easily enables you to build a vibrant online presence highlighting your services, skills, and power relationships all in one place.”

Testimonial by Debbie Renshaw
Debbie Renshaw in Orange County, CA
Increase Referrals with Success Steps
Referral Social Action

Leverage and monetize your social networks.

Use your Referral Card with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to gather feedback, testimonials and begin monetizing your existing relationships.

“I'm a heavy user of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and the Referral Card is so much better and more useful than any of those social media sites. I want everyone in my firm to use this.”

Testimonial by Brett Labbit
Brett Labbit in Boise, ID

Turn referral leads into new business.

View referrals, introductions and profile shares in your Success Center. Track the status of each referral and keep your referral sources updated.

“For someone in my line of work, referrals are the best source of new business. The Referral Card is a solution for someone who lives off of Referrals.”

Testimonial by Len DiGiovanni
Len DiGiovanni in Pleasanton, CA
Referral Management and Organization
Build your Referral Team

Cross-promote business through Referral Teams.

Connect with the people you already refer and make it easy for them to refer back. Promote professionals you trust on your Referral Card while they promote you on theirs.

“With the Referral Card I finally have a way to effectively track and manage the way I do referrals. With the "My Team" function I'll be able to amplify my new lead pipeline with very little effort!”

Testimonial by A.J. Little
A.J. Little in Boise, ID

Referrals are more important than you think ...

Referral Marketing generates 3-5x higher conversion rates.

Referrals also result in a 37% higher retention rate. Best of all, referral programs cost much less than traditional forms of advertising, if anything at all.

  • 65% of new business comes from referrals.

    New York Times
  • People are 400% more likely to buy when referred.

  • A trusted referral is the Holy Grail of advertising.

    Mark Zuckerberg
  • More than 80% of Americans seek recommendations when searching for a product or service.

    Harris Poll

You’re probably already relying on referrals.

The act of referring a business or service comes naturally to us all. We want our friends and families to have the same great experiences we’ve had. We trust a referral more too. 67% of people say they’re more likely to adopt a product or service when a friend or family member has recommended it.


Just to clear things up.

Is the Referral Card free?

Yes, and it will always be free. In the future, you’ll have upgrade options available that strengthen your visibility and competitive edge.

Why is this better than sending someone my Linkedin profile or website URL?

Two reasons. First, your Referral Card is designed to showcase the information someone needs to know to refer you without all the extra noise. Second, it has a strong call to action and pushes people to refer you immediately. If you send someone to your Linkedin profile for example, there is no next step.

Why would I have a Referral Card when I already have an account on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc?

Your existing social sites are great for engaging and educating prospects. Your Referral Card is great at capturing prospects and converting them into clients. Your Referral Card can be promoted through your social sites with just a single click.

How does the Referral Card help me get more referrals?

Unlike other platforms, the Referral Card provides proven action steps designed to help you get more referrals and new clients. Our system gets your clients and colleagues promoting you to their family, friends and social sphere to attract quality prospects for your business. Follow them or don’t, it’s completely up to you.

What is a referral team and why do I need one?

A referral team is a group of professionals that serve a common client and refer back and forth. For example, if you’re a real estate agent you probably have a group of contractors, home stagers and mortgage lenders you refer regularly. You referral team is that group and your Referral Card makes it easy to refer back and forth and to track those referrals so you can zero in on who (and what) is helping your business grow.

Why did create the Referral Card?

In working with professionals all over the world, saw a gap in the tools available to generate and manage referrals. Social media fell short and so did many CRM’s. stepped up with a tool designed specifically to help people give, get, manage and track referrals and in turn, grow their businesses.